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ambartil's Journal

26 November
I saw someone else's bio that said something like, "this bio is deliberately uninformative." I don't usually feel like being *THAT* snarky, but I'm really not sure what to say. You can guess a fair bit by reading my interest list, but I admit there are many questions it wouldn't shed any light on (see below, for some of the more obvious).... If you're reading this page and have a question or suggestion, email me -- or comment on something RECENT in my LJ. (If there *ISN'T* anything actually recent, comment on the most recent post there is. I will check back & read the comments. Honest.)

If anyone was wondering, my age is the product of an even prime and the first solitary prime. Yes, this does give a unique solution.

It is worth noting that I'm somewhat shy -- when I'm looking at someone else's LJ, and I don't already know them, I'm not very likely to comment. This probably means that not many new people will find my LJ. Oh, well.

One intentional omission: if I listed authors & musicians I like, my interest list would be twice as long, or longer. (Which, of course, isn't allowed; 150 interests is the max.) I find really long interest lists on OTHER people's info pages a bit intimidating, so it's ironic that mine has grown to the maximum length.
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