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LJ Interests meme results

  1. candles:
    What's not to like? Fire is good, fire in small, easily-controlled amounts is safe & sane. And candles come in pretty colors! Some of them smell nice, too!
  2. esotericism:
    If you need this explained, you won't benefit from the explanation. Go look it up in a dictionary, then think about it.
  3. hebrew:
    It's POSSIBLE to be a Kabbalist (Qabalist, whatever) without knowing any Hebrew. Possible, but kind of limiting. And the letters look mysterious and cosmic, don't they?
  4. listing interests:
    Interesting that picking every 15th interest gives 6 (out of the 10) under the heading of "occult", when only about a third of my whole list is in that category...
  5. multi-partner relationships:
    I am gradually becoming able to believe that there's no reason why the universe should limit me to ONE true love. None of my partners have had any problem with this -- perhaps because it's been a long time since I dated anyone who didn't feel likewise.
  6. paul erdos:
    A mathematician who died in 1996. He was brilliant, and REALLY weird; nothing I could say briefly would do him justice.
  7. qabala:
    An infallible cure for boredom. Maybe nearly as drastic as Sir Walter Raleigh's headache cure, but *I* think it's worth it. (Besides, it does have practical applications. For anyone too skeptical to believe this, that's your problem.)
  8. sex magick:
    About my own practices, "Silence is the only answer." But for any of you who take the idea of magic seriously (granted, that eliminates many people) AND like sex... if you think there could be common ground, you're right.
  9. tarot:
    I've been playing with tarot cards for a couple dozen years, now. I get useful information often enough to justify the time spent, but that's incidental to why I like them. They're just really cool, what more can I say?
  10. :
    Ifinity is philosophically awkward, mathematically interesting, and as good a way as any to conclude a finite list.

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Whose novel you would be in!

You are a character for Heinlein. Please note, you are not in "Starship
Troopers" the book, and especially not in that crappy-ass movie.
You are a deep and thoughtful outsider whose actions contrast with the
misplaced politics of your times. Your character acts as an
illuminating agent for all that is imperfect in this world. Not a bad
place to be all in all.
If you really are interested in this authors works I'd advise you to
pick up a copy of "Stranger in a Strange Land" or "Starship Troopers"
to begin with. Heinlein is considered one of the sci-fi greats and
wrote insightful pieces with a political and moral message. His tales
of Lazarus Long are quite rewarding as well.

Link: The which sci-fi novel would I be Test written by dutch619 on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test
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Time:2006-02-09 12:34 am (UTC)
Don't know if I'd go QUITE so far as to say "marvelous"; it's certainly interesting, and knowing that he wrote that one FIRST sheds light on a number of other things he wrote.

I am, in general, very fond of Heinlein, despite being uncomfortable with a number of things about his writing.
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